Abandoned: Discovery Island 2 is a game by Nat García.

Plot Edit

30 after Jake finished his week Night Watch and the ship was finished, Discovery Island started to get more torn parts and it was becoming dirtier, later, 6 children (which 3 are 6-8 years old while the others are 3-5 years old) have finded it and then, they have enter in it, but True Mickey killed them. Jake was sended once again to another week of night watch to investigate the cause of the death of the children.

Enemies Edit

  • ASYLUM-666: He is the main antagonist of the game. He looks like a nightmarish version of True Mickey with many blood stains and Sharp teeth. His speed is like True Mickey's, only a bit more quicker.

Locations Edit

  • The office: It looks exactly like its newest look in Abandoned: Discovery Island. But the desk is dirty and there are wires hanging from the ceiling. There are also, some cracks on the desk and the walls and the lights are off.
  • Hallway (new) (CAM 1): It looks like a blue hallway with some missing bricks on the walls, there are also some blood in the floor, which would be hinting that the incident of the 6 children was caused here.
  • Storage room (CAM 2): It looks exactly like in Abandoned: Discovery Island, expect the camera angle is slightly different and there are some broken posters on the walls, it is where ASYLUM-666 starts.
  • Staff area (CAM 3): It looks like in Abandoned: Discovery Island, but there's a some notes fallen in the floor and there are some cracks on the floor.

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