Keep an eye on him for me, OK? He's been acting very strangely...
— Unknown Female Voice

Trash. adding Undertale characters for this wiki is Complete trash.

Shade Edit

His shade is him Suiciding after seeing this Page on the FNaTI Wiki.

Locations Edit

In Pirate Caverns, he's dead.

Behavior Edit

In Pirate Caverns, he is only seen in the stairwell and Undying's room. On Discover Island, he usually takes a direct path to the Office, but sometimes makes a few pit-stops in areas he doesn't normally go to.

Quotes Edit


Trivia Edit

  • He originates from Undertale and its here for no Reason.
  • His jumpscare consists of him standing at the back of the office and throwing his trident at you.
  • His jumpscare has no sound.
  • His Shade is based on HELP_TALE

Gallery Edit


His shade.

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