Bleed, or more known as B L E E D is an antagonist in the fangame, BLENDER.avi.

Appearance Edit

B L E E D looks like Mickey but incredibly old and worn out, to the point of horrific malformation.

T h e n i g h t m a r e s w i l l c o n t i n u e

Move patterns and appearances Edit

While B L E E D only appears in hidden cutscenes and an ending, he has a major role in a minigame that can be found via clicking him in the Extras menu.

In this minigame, you must fight B L E E D in an RPG style battle.

If he kills you, you get a jumpscare and the game crashes. If you win, you get a killscreen from H E R and brought to the hidden night, S E C R E T S.

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