Blender Mickey Is A Character In The Blender

Appearance Edit

He Is Like The Original Mickey Mouse But His Color Is Only Gray His Textures Are Missing And Both Eyes Are Black

Behavior Edit

He Starts In Staff Area And He Go To Old Suits Room The Lounge Meat Freezer Hallway And Finally The Office You Need To Put The Mask Wait 5 Seconds And He Leaves The Office Else You Not Put The Mask Blender Mickey Will Attack You

Quotes Edit

While Blender Mickey Moves He Say This Quotes

  • This Is A Small World
  • Hear Me
  • I See You
  • (Distorsed Laughs)

Trivia Edit

  1. His Jumpscare Is A Edited Version Of Photo-Negative Mickey Attacking The Player
  2. He Have A Distorsed Voice
  3. I SEE YOU

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