Buzz Lightyear
Hola1231 buzz lightyear promo by hola1231-dahs865
Species: Toy
Gender: Male
Color(s): Skin, green, white, purple, red, yellow, blue, gray, black
Starting location: CAM 9
First appearance: Night 2

Buzz Lightyear is an unofficial antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island.


He looks how he originally appeared, but he lacks legs and eyes.


Buzz first starts laying in the Janitor's Closet. He then moves to the Bathroom, the Meat Freezer, the Pirate Caverns Entrance, the Lounge, the Broadcasting Room, the Character Prep 1, the Staff Area, then finally the Office. The player must hide to survive.


He starts moving on Night 2. When active, he can say the following things:

  • "To infinity.... and beyond!"
  • "I am Buzz Lightyear. I come in peace."
  • "Not today Zurg!"


  • He was originally created by hola1231.
  • All his quotes are distorted versions of the original quotes from Toy Story.
  • He will have a Shade.

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