The Catacombs is an area at the end of each night in BLENDER.avi.

It takes place in an abandoned showroom with only a Minnie Mouse costume missing her colors and textures, with her left arm ripped off.

Night O N E Catacombs Edit

This area is the side view of the showroom. If you turn around for long enough you may see the Minnie Mouse costume twitch from side to side. After that an eerie glow will emit from her ripped hand. As soon as this happens, walk towards the exit. You will then be given a killscreen and brought to the next night.

Night T W O Catacombs Edit

This area is a front view of the showroom with curtains now visible and the Minnie Mouse costume still laying in shambles. After a few seconds the Minnie Mouse costume will begin to bleed a new entity, but you are forced to exit as soon as this happens.

Night T H R E E Catacombs Edit

This area is a view of the actual showroom. In the seats are humid corpses. If you turn around you will see the Minnie Mouse costume stand up and walk towards you. It cuts to static and brings you to the night when Beta launches.

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