Five Nights at Treasure Island:The Eternal Hell Is a Real But Canceled Game By LEONEL SANABRIA For

A Reasons

.files got Corrupted

.The mfa Gots Damaged by the Bugs

The Next List Have Information About What's New After the Game Is Canceled.

.Limited Flashlight:  (This mechanic is Usable For what's Going on In The office.. If you View a suit In Your Office You are Dead)

.View-Scare Mechanic:  (This mechanic is Usable for Keep Watching the Suits Moving around,If you View a Suit in The Cameras Keep an Eye This Mechanic Turns Low the Posibilty of The Suits In Your Office.

.The Place Camera:  (this Guy Just Copied the 10% Of The A:DI Camera called "The Place"  and The Camera Looks Very Damaged Like The Cam Screen Turns Black like A Damaged Lightbulb With A Text "SIGNAL ERROR"

.Ventilation System: (You Can Close any Ventilation Only if a Suit is In Your Vent)

.Liquid Nitrogen Bomb: (This Mechanic is Used for Scare a Suit Behing or In Your Central View Only Appears in A Minigame Like the Pirate Caverns But It's Called "4th Floor"

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