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Appearance Edit

Classic Mickey looks identically like the Disney Character in everyway the snout, the ears, the tail, everything.

Description (Extras) Edit

"You may think this Character is a suit, but he is in fact a toon, a real life toon. Classic Mickey came from a drawing by Fred Moore and came to Life by Walt's Magic, years later in 2017 Mickey's new show "Mickey and the Roadster Racers" was found by someone on the island, and now Classic Mickey is now on the island"

Behavior Edit

Mickey starts in the Broadcast Room, then moves to Character Prep 1, Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, the Lounge, and finally the Office.

Trivia Edit

  • Classic Mickey has only 2 lines, him saying "Hi There" and him Laughing
  • when he is in the Broadcast Room, the main theme of Mickey and the Roadster Racers will play when it ends he will move