Clock Tower
Species: Machine
Gender: Male
Color(s): Black, Gray, Red
Starting location: Unknown
First appearance: Night 4

Clock Tower is a fanmade enemy in Five Nights at Treasure Island. He is a boss in Epic Mickey. He starts on Night 4.

Appearance Edit

Clock Tower looks like his evil-faced version in Epic Mickey, but he is smaller, as the normal size would not fit the building. His eyes are missing, and white dot eyes are in their place, and his arms are blood-red instead of blue. His arms are now attached to his sides, and are smaller so they fit. He is now also Black and Gray, and his window has a crack in it.

Behavior Edit

Clock Tower starts in an unknown location, and will eventually go The Roof or the Broadcasting Room. After that, he will teleport to the Lounge, and then the Meat Freezer. Then he will be in the Office, and the player must keep moving the screen to survive. Hiding and shutting off cams will not work on him.

Trivia Edit

  • A broken music box version of "It's a Small World" plays whenever he is in sight.
    • And when active, he may say: "You can't escape", "You should never have done that", and when inactive, he may say "I'm watching"
      • The 2nd quote refers to (Spoilers for Abandoned: Discovery Island) The Corrupti Incident.
  • His Shade version has red dot eyes, red face color, has a mouth covered in darkness, and the rest of his body has a slight red tint as well. This is based off Zalgo.
    • During his Shade jumpscare, he reveals a mouth full of sharp teeth.

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