Camera: CAM 1B
Suits: The Shade Nightmare Suicide Mouse (FNATI 2) Ludwig the duck

The Courtyard, also known as CAM 1B is a location in Five Nights at Treasure Island. It was into the game with the Broadcasting Room. The courtyard is connected to the Staff Area. It is a small area that looks to be enclosed off by high brick walls. Above the enclosed area is a tarp looking material that covers wooden beams above the room. There are 3 broken benches around the walls and a smashed stone table near the center, along with a fallen lamp shining towards a small out-of-place chair. Upon becoming active, The Shade will appear sitting on the chair facing the camera. There is a small broken door frame on the other side of the room that leads to the Stairway. Nightmare Suicide Mouse (FNATI 2) Can appear here crawling on the ground. Ludwig the duck Appears here.

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