Disney's The Lion King: Leaving Disneyland is a indie game developed by Tech Studio Interactive and Paradox Interactive, published by Hudson Soft and Disney Interactive to make one Disney game in December 30, 2000.

Plot Edit

What if there are third chances? Ninth chances? The heroes Simba and friends must leave Disneyland to meet their new friends, lovers, and genital.

Long ago, a giant car called Spook has terrified all of Disneyland. Simba has sealed him below a huge tree, with Golden Vegetables to allow him to leave.

Proffesor Mickey has founded a potion that will allow the ghosts to dance on Spook and eat his wheels before their new kitty eats his catnip.

They have got the mind to drink the potion to get rid of the Disneyland peole forever and ever. But they ridded the land of the people and dicked them down forever.