DLG himself is the Creator of Treasure Island Explorations, and is a Character in that said game.

About Edit

DLG is the Creator of the game, and can be found in Discovery Island. He is a Tier 3 Character. He is found in Discovery Island, albeit Very rare.

Strategies Edit

DLG relies on Insta-Kill Moves. They have a very high chance of triggering. But unless if Players hate Chance moves, it is not advised to use him.

  1. Black Curse 3: 60% Chance to Kill a single enemy.
  2. Gift of Death: 50% to kill all enemies on-screen
  3. Cut Power 2: Kills all enemies under 50% Health

Trivia Edit

  • DLG Stands for Dont let go, Copper Freddy's Former username.
  • DLG was put in the game as a reference to Scott Cawthon, being a boss.

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