Five Nights at Treasure Island:The Begin is the first game explain the story is a cancelled game

Story Edit

Treasure Island it was a fun place for the kids but a incident ocurred on the Corrupti Incident a Dad and a Mom they died by the toxicity and transformed in 2 figures named Undying and God,God he gave them life the costumes they alive with yellow blood,Disney abandonment place for the incident

Mechanics Edit

The Game they cancelled

Suits Edit

  • Terror PN Mickey:its appareance is unknown only it is known in Unknown CAM 3
  • Terror Oswald:its appareance is unknown only it is know in Unknown CAM 7
  • Terror Goofy:Unknown Information
  • Terror Disembodied:Unknown Information

Humanoids Edit

  • Terror Undying:its appareance is unknown only it is known in Unknown CAM 4
  • Jake:its a Mickey Mouse suit but a human in the suit

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