Summary Edit

10 years after Five Nights at Treasure Island 3: The Investigation, Someone diecided to make a strange looking suit that has parts of the old Suits and Humanoids, and Used it for a new building so he burned down the Kingdom which was way too old (possibly 85 years old) and made more new characters out of the ones in the Kingdom.

Description Edit

This game was created on June 22, 2017 and it is a demo until the full version comes out which might be Auguast 3, 2017 and was created by ThomasBradly05.

Characters Edit

The Mixture

Burnt MickMick

Burnt Oswald

Burnt Acephalous

Burnt Minnie

Burnt Disebodied

Burnt Photo Negative Mickey

Death Mouse

Burnt Face

Mechanics Edit

Reboot System: You can reboot the Flashlight Power and the Audio but be careful don't overuse it by pressing a button over 40 times in a Night!

Cameras: Just normal looking cameras to look at the place.

Audio: It only scares away the 2 characters, The Mixture and Death Mouse.

Flashlight: it only scares only 3 Burnt Suits so they can ruin the Flashlight Power by 10% if you get jumpscared by them.