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Species: Dog
Gender: Male
Color(s): Orange, river blue, yellow, brown, light green, black
Starting location: CAM 2 (head)

CAM 5 (body)

First appearance: Night 1 (head)

Night 3 (body)

Hear me...
— Goofy

Goofy, also known as Acephalous by the creator, is an iconic Disney character, and antagonist in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island.



He appears to be a normal-looking Goofy costume without its head and some discoloration around the body.

Behavior Edit

The game's creator, Matthew, has confirmed that Goofy's body will be hostile while the head is not, but the head will still move. Matthew also confirmed that Goofy's head will act like Donald Duck, attracting the other suits into the Office.

Locations Edit

The head starts in the Meat Freezer, it is unknown what the head does. The body's start location is the Janitor's Closet and he can move to the Bathroom and Meat Freezer before entering the Office.

Unofficial Behavior Edit

His head starts in the Meat Freezer. It is unknown what the head does. The body's starting location is the Janitor's Closet and can move to the Bathroom, Meat Freezer, Suit Workshop, Old Suits Room, Safe Room, Stair Way, Showcase Room, Mickey's Clubhouse, Water Shop Hallway, Dining Room 1, Stairway, Suit Workshop, Astro Camera, Gift Shop or The Office. A black hallucination of him can randomly appear in the Gift Shop and will crash the game if stared at for too long.


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