Description Edit

HARDCORE MODE is a secret night you unlock after completing all the challenges in CUSTOM NIGHT. HARDCORE MODE has the same cameras, but with different suits and different tactics of survival. The office has also drastically changed, extremely similar to the NBD office. In HARDCORE MODE, most of the suits from the first game are replaced by Decimated Suits. Melted Mickey, and Nightmare Suicide Mouse (FNATI 2) are the only two suits debuting in this game that have a Decimated Form. the Decimated Suits are faster and more active than their counterparts.

Office Edit

The office in HARDCORE MODE is identical to the NBD office, but with a goofy head on the far table, a large desk in front of you. you also have two plushies on your desk. In order to get a suit out of the office, you either HIDE, CLOSE VENT, or CLOSE DOOR.

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