Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Color(s): Green, purple, red
Starting location: CAM 1
First appearance: Night 3
Hey! Wanna see my magic kill?
— Photo-Negative Mickey, about to annoy Hap

Hap is a antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island. The suit leaks keys like other flickys.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

As its name implies, the costume is actually a Mickey Mouse character costume with red, purple, and green colors. He also has white pupils. It is unknown why it was colored this. It contains all of the classic Mickey Mouse features, such as circular ears, pointed nose, large grin, buttoned pants, shoes, and gloves. In his jumpscare, his eyes become fluorescent.

On the title screen of the prior, it has been shown that he wants to leak flicking keys. Flitch also leak this in one of the teasers.

Behavior Edit

He starts at Character Prep 1 along with the Donald Duck Head. It is initially seen lying down, however when it is about to start moving, it will stand up. This can help the player prepare for him. It appears in all but one camera (CAM 4) when active.

Advice from Greg says that he is flicky, but has a heightened sense of flicking anyone's magic.

When he gets in The Office, the player needs to pull up the Monitor and shut down a camera, or, hide under the desk, giving the player a 50/50 chance of surviving. Because, a camera shutting down creates a loud noise, this will draw the Mickey costume out but delaying or neglecting it will make him kill the player. He will reappear in Character Prep 1 and restart the cycle. On the Night 2, the PN Mickey suit can sometimes reappear already standing, rather than lying down.

Locations Edit

PN Mickey starts lying down in Character Prep 1. It eventually stands up, and then wanders to the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, Bathroom, the Lounge, or the Office.

Trivia Edit

  • No matter which camera you disable, He will always head back to Staff Area. This means PN Mickey might not have great hearing either, or it may not be as intelligent as it is believed to be.
  • Hap and Photo-Negative Mickey always stare towards (or near) the cameras (except when lying down), and stare at the ceiling when Hap is in the office. However, during its jumpscare, it appears to bite off your eyes while spraying random magic. It's possible that, due to his slight blindness, he has magic for trying to find you even at close range.
    • This might occur while trying to get to the office, as it wanders aimlessly around, and sometimes even goes back to lying down in Character Prep 1.
    • However, if he jumpscares you while you're hiding in the desk, he jumps towards the player.
  • He is the one of the flickys that are capable of speaking.
  • Why his jumpscare restarts the game it is unknown. It might be for other flickys, but that's unknown

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