Description Edit

Ignited Mode is an unofficial secret night from the extras. You must complete everything in the game to unlock it. Ignited Mode has the same cameras but with different suits and different tactics of survival. All of the suits from the first game are replaced by Ignited Suits. Ignited PN Mickey, Ignited PN Minnie, Ignited Oswald, Ignited Ortensia, Ignited Impure Mouse, Ignited The Face, Ignited Acephalous, Ignited Disembodied, Ignited Daisy, Ignited Suicide Mouse, Ignited Golden PN Mickey and Ignited Hourglass appears in that night. They have the same behavior as their original look, but much more dangerous and aggressive.

Trivia Edit

  • All the locations in Ignited Mode are burned, similar from FNAF 3.
  • It has a raining and thunder ambience.