Ignited PN Minnie is an unofficial antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island.

Appearance Edit

Ignited Photo Negative Minnie is based on her original look, except she is burned and her head is missing.

Behavior Edit

She appears on Ignited Mode. She acts like Photo Negative Minnie's behavior but much more dangerous and aggressive. Unlike in her original look, she doesn't hang in Character Prep 1. The player must hide under the desk if she's in the Office.

Locations Edit

Ignited Photo Negative Minnie starts in Character Prep 1, then moves through the Staff Area, then the Meat Freezer, then the Lounge, and eventually moves through the Office.

Quotes Edit

"Why do I exist"

"This isn't how it was supposed to be"


Trivia Edit

  • Her voice is similar to PN Minnie's voice but lower pitched

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