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Jake Smith
Species: Human
Gender: Male

First appearance: Night 1

Jake Smith is the main protagonist of the game, Five Nights at Treasure Island, and is the sole character who is controlled by the player. Jake monitors Treasure Island to collect data for a research team by the name of SSA, of which he is an intern. Jake's full name was revealed in one of Greg's e-mails, where he mentions an intern named "Jake Smith".

Rumors/Theories Edit

  • Jake might smoke, as in The Office there are cigarette butts and an ashtray on the table. However, these may just be there for decoration.
    • It is also possible that Henry left these cigarette butts there.
    • Jake also might be a light smoker, as you only see those cigarettes throughout the whole game.
  • Lisa may be Jake's friend, as the way she talks to him and how she refers to herself: "Jake? Hey, it's me, Lisa!"
  • It is unknown why Jake Smith won't quit his job.
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