Template:PAGAENAME is an blood red spirit of Mil and a antagonist in FNATI.

Appearance Edit

She is an red, transparent deranged female figure taking the size of a 8-year-old.

Behaivor Edit

After the secret ending in Night 5, she will replace Mil Nikole in Night 6. She will be seen ducking down in Character Prep 1, then a bit up. Next, she will be in Staff Area, next the Character Prep 2, and the Lounge, ducking a bit more down and then letting out a sighing groan. Then she will enter the office and then orgasm. When she orgasms in the Office, she will start orgasming quietly and it will be louder and louder until Photo Negative Mickey enters the office and feeds her with yellow, chunky blood. After she eats all the blood, one can hear a death scream. When the death scream plays, it indicates she is dying. Then the player will be getting the Posession Ending.

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