Milka Nikole is a nightmare in Mil's dream and in FNATI.

Appearance Edit

She is 75 years old and wears bloody dress than normal. In her jumpscare, she has red eyes when she hits Mil.

Behaivor Edit

She plays the role as activiating in Mil's Nightmare, where you are in her house trying to steal her injection tools. If she gets you, then Mil will be unable to cook burgers or steal a needle. When she is in the laundry, Mil will also be unable to hide under the desk. There is an variable labeled 'Crouch-down" on the top left. If she jumpscares you, the player will crouch a bit down until the Crouch-down variable goes to full. When it is full, the player dies while shattering into a few parts. When the player shatters into a few parts dying of full Crouch-down, the pieces explode. Then, the pieces quickly collapse onto the ground. When dying of full Crouch-down, the player might hear a 1-hour cry.

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