Mortimer Mouse is the 1st animatronic to activate

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Mortimer Mouse is a large mickey suit with empty eye sockets, and is stained with blood. he is similar to normal mickey but has differently-stretched limbs. he has an interestingly large blotch of blood near his mouth.

Behavior Edit

mortimer will become active during night 2, and is extremely unpredictable. he rarely enters the light areas and will almost indefinitely hide in areas without cameras. however, you can just barely see him. when mortimer is in front of you, you must hide before 12 (decreases by 1.75 seconds each night) seconds pass, or else he will jumpscare you, killing you in the process.


  • jamerson2 (the developer) actually said that mortimer originally came back to life during the 2nd treasure island investigation and devoured one man whole.
  • it is also theorised that that investigator still haunts the suit during the game.
  • jamerson2 (the developer) almost made mortimer more of a rat-like creature, but it's design was to realistic to not be funny. he would also originally carry a whistle and blow it when he is near.
  • He and Steam Boat Willy are closely related.
  • He is the only character to not become deceased, as he is the cause of said death of other characters, not counting AAAAAAAA, who is a hallucination.