Nenanda Nikole is driver for the Nikole Family, and Mil's dad. He appears in FNATI.

Appearance Edit

According to his name, he is same as the original Mil's dad. The only difference is that his cyan shirt has a nightmarish figure than it in real-life.

Behaivor Edit

He is Mil's dad. He will start in Night 6 after Mil Nikole, and Jasmine Nikole. He teleports into the office if spam-clicking the Lounge. If waiting 3-6 seconds around, he will jump closer, jumpscaring you. He will then start a cutscene where he walks into the office and tells Jake about the incident. He then breaks Jake's arm, injuring him. Then Undying walks into the office and greets him about the suits. Then, Rachel Nikole walks in at least. Undying greets Rachel, saying "Hi! What did you do to Mil?". Rachel says "Injured him, and called him naïve." Undying then says "You could do that, not like Mil at all". Mil Nikole enters the office then. He yells "You should never do that, you could love me" in huge loudness. Jake then gets up and walks out, getting to the hostipal, but stopped by Rachel Nikole. Jake then fixes his left arm and kills Mil. You then become greeted by "Torture Ending"


All back to the old part... - A teaser of Nenanda driving a Sandero while Mil sits next to him, a brightening reveals a bit of glitches.

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