Nightmare Lumpy is a Suit in Five Nights at Treasure :The Lost Suits

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

He has the same appearance as in HTF except his left eye is rolling out of his socket, his arm is ripped off, and he has human teeth inside his mouth and the left side of his face is peeling off.

He is seen in one of the teasers with Nightmare Cuddles and Suicide Giggles.

Behavior Edit

If Nightmare Lumpy appears in The Office, the player needs to pull up the Monitor and shut down a camera, the loud noise luring Nightmare Lumpy into another room. Delaying or neglecting to do so will cause him to kill the player. The player also has the option to hide under the desk, giving the player a 50/50 chance of surviving, or the player can turn off the power. Nightmare Lumpy can also enter the Office from the left and right side of the Office once he has entered, which he appears from the left if he enters from the Lounge and appears at the right if he came from the Meat Freezer.

Quotes Edit

I can't see anything

I am coming

I did not die

Get me off of this island

I am near.

Locations Edit

Nightmare Lumpy will appear in the Driveway, Entrance Hallway , Waiting Room, Meat Freezer then The Lounge or The Office.

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