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Nightmare Suicide Mouse
Nightmare Suicide Mouse remake!
Locations: Office, Entrance Room, Suit Warehouse (Not In Order)
Gender: Male
Colour(s): Black and White
Species: Mouse

Hiden in the Darkness, kept away from the Public, which now the Island is abandoned, he returns from the shadows into the light. Nightmare Suicide Mouse is a horrifying look of Suicide Mouse, same colours, but a very distorted look.


Nightmare Suicide Mouse has no ears, which his eye sockets and mouth are filled with sharp teeth.

The end of his fingers include rusted yellow claws.

He also has no legs, making him have to crawl around like the Face. In his eye sockets, between the sharp teeth include 2 human like eyeballs.


Nightmare Suicide Mouse can rarely appear in the Office, Suit Warehouse and the Entrance Room lolololekcnvnrie7g7382919191911010101010100101


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