Old Oswald
Old salt
Species: Rabbit
Gender: Male
Color(s): Black, White, Light Blue, Pale
Starting location: Unknown Cam 2/Showcase Room
First appearance: Unknown

Appearance Edit

Old Oswald appears to be Oswald, but with his textures back. He also seems to have paint chipped off his arms and legs, and seems to be covered in dust. His jaw is also noticeably dislocated and has red, human-like eyes.

Behaviour Edit

Old Oswald starts beside Ortensia in the Showcase Room. He becomes active on night 3. When active, he can go into any room Ortensia goes to.

Trivia Edit

He and Ortensia never move to a location individually, except when in the office

Model is Photo-Negative Mickey's model of Abandoned Oswald

Gallery Edit

Oldsalt scare

A frame of Old Oswald's jumpscare

Oldsalt Cam1i

Old Oswald in the Staff Area

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