Phantom Blot
Species: Yet to be added
Gender: Male
Color(s): Black, Bone Color, Yellow
Starting location: Character Prep 2
First appearance: Night 2

Phantom Blot is a Disney character, and a custom suit in Five Nights at Treasure Island. He starts on Night 2, and behaves differently depending on the night.

Appearance Edit

Phantom Blot appears like he normally does, but has rips on his cloak, and has one large glowing yellow eye. Bones can be seen under the rips.

Behavior Edit

Phantom Blot starts in Character Prep 2. His behavior depends on what night it is:

Night 2: Phantom Blot will stand in his start room most of the time, and once during the night, will appear in the Office. The player must hide to survive.

Night 3: Phantom Blot will roam around the building, but will not kill the player, and is unaffected by the defenses.

Night 4: Phantom Blot is aggressive, and but be repealed by shutting off CAMs

Night 5 and on: Phantom Blot is not as aggressive as he was on Night 4, and must be repealed by standing still.

Trivia Edit

  • His jumpscare is the player turning around to find him there and Phantom Blot jumps so you can only see his eye and it's glow.
  • When active, he can say:
    • "Do you remember ME?"
    • "Listen to the voices"
    • "I am the voices"
    • "(Gibberish)"
    • "(When attacking)"Turn around"
      • The first quote references how the maker of this article didn't know about Phantom Blot until the day this article was written.
  • His shade sometimes leaks gray blood and has no eye. The gray blood is based off the Creepypasta cliche about "Hyper-realistic Blood", even though Shade Phantom Blot's is gray and not realistic.

Gallery Edit

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