Possesser is the main antagonist in GROUNDED. He has an account, with a yellow A6 (allroad) for his picture.

Appearance Edit

He is a yellow humanoid figure with ginger feet. His arms are also squat. His head is missing, leaving his neck squat. His arm is missing leaving an skinny, longer stub.

He loves to be forever alone, that's why he holds an knife to cut Mil and a part of an tree to hit Cindy.

Behaivor Edit

He can just be seen in the office, no matter what taking Cindy's place making her out of the office. He will later run into the toilet to find Cindy and hit her. Then while her breasts enlarge, Possesser, himself comes back to the office. Then he jumpscares the player and hits your arm stub with his knife as the player falls down.