Rachel Nikole is a victim in the Mileta Errors, and a antagonist in FNATI.

Appearance Edit

She is 7 month old and has purple, white and yellow clothing. She has brown eyebrows, likely due to being a baby.

Behaivor Edit

She is Mil's sister. She behaves in Bad Dream Night. They use a panel with the options to throw her or stop her from smiling at them. If she appears, the player must use the smile option or she will kill them. Her smile is so dangerous as meant as it can crash the player's game. Truly, if using the throw option, she will moan at them, calling Jasmine Nikole. Her moaning will cause her to call Mil Nikole naïve, ending the night and shoving him into the trash. Then a dialogue will appear:

You aren't cute.
— Jake Smith, the protagonist, telling Mil Nikole

Hahahahahahahahaha, Jake became good
— PN Mickey laughing towards Jake

Naive child.
— Jasmine Nikole

Why am I naïve...
— Mil Nikole

Call me cute again now! You naïve craps!
— Mil Nikole

Dick that just will result you grounded forever...
— Jake Smith, shattering Mil's mind


Trivia Edit

  • Her moans are a reference to her name being Cindy Nikole.
  • Mil is too naïve.

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