One of the suits was made to be waterproof. After a while when it was made, the suit started to smell like something died in it...
— Unknown Employee
Royal Ludroth
Royal Ludroth
Species: Monster
Gender: Male
Color(s): Green, white, yellow, red, black
Starting location: CAM 4
First appearance: Night 5

Royal Ludroth is one of the ten suits made by Disney when they tried to add a promotional attraction to Treasure Island during its construction. The idea was later scrapped, landing the suits in storage until a period of time after Treasure Island closed.

Appearance Edit

Royal Ludroth is similar to how he appeared in the original Monster Hunter games, but there are clawed hands at the tips of the sacks on his body.

Locations Edit

Royal Ludroth will start in the Storage Room before moving through the rest of the rooms EXCEPT Character Prep 1 and 2.

Behavior Edit

Royal Ludroth is much faster than the rest of the suits, making him a serious threat on Night 5.

Quotes Edit


"Why doesn't anyone ever hear me?"

"It's the weight of the sea."

*low pitched crying*

"I didn't want this."

Trivia Edit

  • He appears to have a connection with Photo-Negative Minnie, because if he is on the same camera as her, he can be seen comforting her.
  • His jumpscare sound originates from an Akantor and a Ukalnos roaring.
  • He seems to be responsible for Greg's death.

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