Species: Lion
Gender: Male
Color(s): Yellow, Brown, Black, Red
Starting location: Meat Freezer
First appearance: Night 3

Scar is a custom enemy in Five Nights at Treasure Island.

Appearance Edit

Scar looks like he did in The Lion King, but lacks eyes. His mane is slightly ripped, and his claws and teeth are red. He also has 2 tails, both of them have red spikes on the thin parts and red-clawed paws at the ends. His teeth are also sharper, and he has more rows of teeth.

Behavior Edit

Scar starts on Night 3 and starts in the Meat Freezer. He can move to the Lounge, and then teleports to the Office. Once in there, the player must shut off a CAM, or Scar will kill the player. On Night 5, the player also has to Hide after shutting the CAM to make him leave.

Trivia Edit

  • Scar emits lion roars when active.
    • His jumpscare sound will probably be a distorted lion roar.
  • His jumpscare is screaming in your face and having his mouth take up the whole screen.
  • Shade Scar seems normal, until he gets in the Office, when he has skulls and bones on his body and emits the screams of children. This is based on the Creepypasta "Where The Bad Kids Go"

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