Security Mouse is a antagonist in FNATI: Found V3. He deactivates the suits all over the island.

Appearance Edit

He appears to be a police officer version of Suicide Mouse. He always has no eyes and a wide growl on his face. His shade appears to have empty holes. And he had a bloodshot human eyes like True Mickey. His shade only can seen in the The Office while the power is off.

Behaivor Edit

He replaces all of the suits in Safe Night. He doesn't jumpscare/kill the player. If he's in The Office, the player must pull up The Monitor and shut off a cam or turn off the power and he will leave The Office.

Suicide the face

Security Mouse

Trivia Edit

•In the Safe Night, all the suits are out of the island, due to Security Mouse.

•His jumpscare is similar to Acephalous.

•His jumpscare sound effect is heavily edited of Dark Oswald's screech

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