Shadow Oswald is a fanmade suit, created by me; Jacksonfnaffan!


Appearence Edit

Shadow Oswald is a type of suit, and is a recolor of Spring Oswald ; who , in turn, is a recolor of Oswald. He is a purple colored Oswald, and just like Spring Oswald, has black, empty soulless eyes.

He shares Spring Oswalds purple shorts. It should be noted that in his jumpscare image, he has red blood coming from his empty eyes.

Audio:  File:Sceech2deep.ogg His Screech

Behavior Edit

On rare circumstances, he can be seen in the Preserval Room. When this happens, after about 3 seconds or so, he will appear in your office. You need to shut off a cam in order to clear him out. Neglecting to do so will make a screen pop up of a closeup of Shadow Oswald's face, with a deep pitched version of Oswald's screech, thus forcing the game to crash.


  • Shadow Oswald's screech is actually Oswald's screech, just slowed down , and made so that the middle gets looped for 6 seconds.                 

    his jumpscare frame

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