Frowning Jack
Skeleton Jack Is A Unnoficial Antagonist In Five Nights At Treasure Island. He Is A Half-Broken Animatronic. He Is:

- Missing An Eye

- Instead Of His Normal Stiched Happy Face, His Face Appears Frowning.

- His Right Hand Is Missing Its Thumb


When Traveling, He Starts At Character Prep One, Peeking Out Of A Box And Frowning At The Camera. Jack Will Then Go To The Meat Freezer, Where He Has His Hands Behind His Back ( Similar To Suicide Mouse ) Then, He Gous To The Office, Where He Stands In The Corner. Jack Gives You Lots of Time To Find A Way To Make Him Leave. He Starts In The Officer Corner, Then Walks Out, Eyeing The Player In The Middle. If You Fail To Comply, He Kills You, Bringing Us To..


- In Jack's Normal Jumpscare, He Reaches His Hand Out To Grab The Players Face.

- In This Jumpscare, His Frown Turns Into An Angry Face.

- In His Desk Jumpscare, Jack Pick Up The Player From Behind. The Player Turns Around, And Jack Screams.


Apon Traveling, Jack Will Say The Following...

"Why Did You Do This...Was I Too Scary?"

"You Finished Zero...And Forgot Me.."

"( Demonicly Voiced ) You Wont Be Getting Presents This Christmas..."

"( Moans, Or Possibly Just Weeping )"

In The Office Corner, He Will Say..

"S-Santa? Is That You?"

"Please...Fix Me..."

In The Office Light, He Will Say...


"You...You Arent Santa..."

"Why Didnt You Finish Me....Finish Me Off And End My Suffering.."

"(Angry Murmur)"

Other Notes

- Jack Is Possibly Related To Oswald, Them Both Being Unfinished.

- Jack First Appears On Night Two.

- Jack Can Be Seen In The Darkness When The Face Is Dragging Vaneloppe Von Schweets.

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