Snow White
Hola1231 snow white promo by hola1231-danfng2
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Color(s): Blue, yellow, red, skin, black, white
Starting location: CAM 11
First appearance: Night 3

Snow White is a unofficial antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island.


She looks like how she normally does, but with a completely white face, lack of nose, and enlarged eye sockets and mouth. The insides of these are all black.


She starts off-camera in the Pirate Caverns Entrance, then she appears on-camera and moves to the Meat Freezer, the Bathroom, the Lounge, the Character Prep 1, the Storage Room, the Staff Area, then the Office. The player must turn off a camera to survive.


She is not active until Night 3. When active, she can say the following things:

  • "Something missing. Home changed. Quite upsetting."
  • "No weapons. Person defenseless. Feeling brave."
  • "Really upset. Feeling ignored. Might leave."
  • "New person. Not confident. Feeling cautious."


  • She was originally created by hola1231.
  • Her quotes are references to the Fenerox from Starbound.
  • Her Shade has grayish green skin, lacks a dress, and has no head. The colors brighten to white and darken to black in some areas. It is inspired by the creepypasta "Jvk1166z.esp"
  • She appears in Five Nights At Treasure Island 2: The Magic Kingdom as a background character.