Space Mouse is a character, created by me, Jacksonfnaffan!

Description Edit

Space Mouse is a special suit, made in Aperture Science Suit Factory in the year of 2001. He is a Mouse suit like Photo-Negative Mickey, except that his skin, pants, buttons, gloves, and shoes are all grayscaled. His fur color is grey, and has indents that look like metal patches, these indents are purely cosmetic. He has yellow eyes, and (unlike the other suits), has eyebrows.

AI level Edit

He is actually a easter egg encountered at random intervals, rarely seen in the Storage Room. Once he is seen the player must lower the monitor within 3 seconds. If the player succeeds in doing so, he will not appear anywhere on the island. But if the player HAS failed to do so, he will appear in your office, loudly talking about how he wants to go to space. His loud talking lures the other suits on the island to your office. Once he enters the office, he will stay there for the rest of the night, to the point where it is impossible to lure him out of the office, for the entire night.

Voice LinesEdit

Triva Edit

  • Space Mouse was actually based off of the Space core from the popular Valve game, Portal 2.
  • Along with the fact above, his lines are actually from the Space Core himself.

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