Description Edit

Suicide Rabbit is an easter egg in Five nights at Treasure Island. He sometimes replaces Suicide Mouse as an Easter egg. He's basically a Rip-off of Suicide Mouse, created by Boredom.

Appearance Edit

He looks like Oswald, except that with a sad-like Distorted face, and that now he has his both arms. His colors are Black and Grey (Greyscale), and has a slightly Distorted smile. He also seems to be covered in Dust. His shade is eyeless, with big eyesockets, and crying blood.

Behavior Edit

He becomes active in the Torture Night with Suicide Mouse. He will start in Character Prep 1, sometimes teleporting to the office. When he goes into the office, the monitors will turn on a fuzzy picture of Oswald crying. The player has 12 seconds to Shut off the Power. Or else Suicide Rabbit will turn on a screen showing him close up, with blood coming out of his eyes, like a killscreen and being a Game Over. He actives at 2AM in the Broadcasting Room.

Trivia Edit

  • His jumpscare sound is a Distorted real life scream.
  • His origins are Unknown, but is probably something similar to Suicide Mouse.
  • His shade isn't based of anything, since he's just basically a Rip-off of Suicide Mouse.
  • Unlike Suicide Mouse, he doesn't talk while moving.

Gallery Edit

Work in Progress...

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