TORTURE is a antagonist in Five Nights At Tubbyland: Torture After Nightmare.

Appearance Edit

He is a normal Mickey suit, except he holds a chainsaw in his hand, his eyes surround bloody white spikes, the left eye ripped out with the spikes hanging it out. He is a torture machine sort of suit,with Suicide Mouse's colors visible in the top of his head. A Po (3) with a suit made out of flesh without any kind of head is inside him, when she makes a pose he repeats it.

Behaivor Edit

He starts standing near the room where Po (3) starts, using the same machine as Prototype Dipsy uses, next goes inside Po (3)'s room, and takes her to the torture room hall, looking to the left of the camera, and leaving. Then he will jumpscare the player and force you to join his army.

Jumpscare Edit

He jumps from the top and punches you, and next sends you a question to join the army. His jumpscare is the same in all 3 games.

Trivia Edit

  • Po is a tubbybot, TORTURE is a torture machine.

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