== Description ==

Terror Mickey is a black shadow version of Mickey. He appears to see through. He has sharp teeth and glowing red eyes.

In-game Edit

Terror Mickey activates on Night 3 (Unofficial). He starts in the Water Shop. He then moves to the Meat Freezer. He then appears in the Stairway, He then heads to CAM X: Mickey's Clubhouse before entering the office. He attacks 2 ways. 1. If He stands in front of the doorway on the left side of the office shut offa camera 2. If he stands in front of your desk and the lights flicker then you need to hide. He will now appear in the Suit Warehouse.

Phone Call Edit

"Uh hello it's me Lisa. So about a new suit we found out about. I believe some of the staff referred to it as Terror Mickey. Um it apparently it attacks 2 ways. If it stands in the doorway uh shut off a camera. If it stands in front of your desk um just hide."

Trivia Edit

Occasional he can put on Daisy Duck's head on his head for no reason.

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