The Dark Is A Antagonist In Fnatl Roleplay

Appearance Edit

He Is Like Photo Negative Mickey But Has A Dark Texture In His Nose A Ear Shoes A Bit Of His Face Short And A Eye He Lacks Arms

Behavior Edit

He Active In Night 4 In The Meat Freezer Late He Goes To The Bathroom Storage Room Staff Area Lounge Broadcasting Room And The Office

Quotes Edit

Im Still Here

Help Me

Bless Your Soul

Trivia Edit

  1. He Is Like Oswald Dark Texture And No Arms
  2. His Dark Texture Is Only Black Color
  3. He Is Too Slow For Move To Other Cameras
  4. His Voice Is Not Deeper
  5. Everytime He Moves To Other Camera A Distorsed Version Of Suicide Mouse Music Can Be Heard
  6. He Is A Recolor

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