As I started my shift tonight, I saw the vandalized suits from that abandoned Disney resort. Some asshole probably thought it was a great idea to try and repair those damn suits. I realized this night wouldn't be the same as last week's as I saw the Mickey with normal and white parts sewn onto him. We refer to him as Hybrid mouse, because of how sewn together he is. As he got up he walked towards my (obviously locked) doors. As he tried to get to me, what the staff called Oswald 2.0 got up and went through the ventilation to My office. I soon had to abandon my office as it got closer. When I exited my office I heard "WE ARe YouR DEmOnS." presumibly from that Rabbit. in the repair room there was a torn up Mickey costume with messed up textures and a Disney gas mask which someone named nightmare the mouse. He got up and stared at me with red glowing eyes. When the Hybrid mouse came in they both had an...argument? I backed away from the hell spawns in front of me only to bump into Oswald 2.0 And a stitched together Minnie Mouse costume. They seemed to take advantage of Hybrids and Nightmare's dilema and, just as he raise his hand for my head the clock rang signaling the end of my shift. the suits dropped down as I walked out alive.

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