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The Mixture is an antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island andFive Nights at Treasure Island 4: The Final Island

Apperance Edit

He has Willy's leg, Ortensia's leg and skirt, Acephalous' Torso, Disebodied, Suicide Mouse, and Daisy's Heads, The Face's Ear, Oswald's Ear, Plutos legs, and Photo Negative Mickey's Hand, He also has Undying's Hand

Behavior Edit


He Starts in the Broadcasting Room, then to any room in any order then he will go in the Office


He starts in Entrance, then he goes to the Office in these orders:



and finally the Living Room.

Trivia Edit

  • In FNATI His jumpscare has one frame simular to Golden Freddy (FNAF1) , and Nightmare , and Photo-Negative Minnie in her death screen
  • In FNATI sometimes he turns some rooms into their oringinal form.
  • He doesn't make sound at all but there is a unused voice file. and he says "There is no escape"

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