The NOID is a humanoid that has cream colored arms, a gold colored head, fuchsia colored legs, and a cobalt colored torso. The parts appear to be stitched together. It has very long fingers, and it has a distorted face. It also has a scar on its left kneecap.

Behavior Edit

The NOID starts in Pirate Caverns before going to the meat freezer, lounge, then the Office. The player must shut off at least two cams or be slain in the process.

Quotes Edit

  • You can't escape me.
  • I'm not all that is, but it feels like it.
  • Feeling like everything SUCKS.
  • Seriously. I'm way too fast for you to outrun me.


  • The NOID and The Face have a connection in some way.
  • He's the one who keeps sending Michael P inappropriate Roblox servers. He mostly does it for his own amusement.

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