The Nightmare Suits Attack the City is a game created by Nat García.

Gameplay Edit

The player first spawns in a city which doesn't appear people. The goal of the game is to destroy the aircraft of the Nightmare Suits and humanoids and then kill them. The player haves 500 HP and 8 walking speed. At the start of the game, the player's character says "The Nightmare suits and humanoids are attacking the city! I have to defeat them!" The aircraft haves 2500 HP and 15 moving speed.

Weapons Edit

The player is given a rifle and grenades. Each shot with the rifle deals 2-8 damage. The grenades are affected by gravity but deal 18-25 damage and deal 3-5 splash damage.

Nightmare suits stats Edit

Bold means that the nightmare suit/humanoid is fanon.

Name HP Damage Walking speed Attack speed Attacking type
Nightmare Suicide Mouse 125 10 5 3 Melee
Nightmare PN Mickey 150 3 4 2 Ranged
Nightmare Disembodied 90 5 12 5 Melee
ASYLUM-666 200 8 6 7 Ranged
Nightmare Undying 230 12 3 10 Ranged

More will be added soon.

Aircraft attacks Edit

  • Lasers are the aircrafts primary attacks. When the player touch them, it will take 15 damage and is knocked back little.
  • Usually, the aircraft can charge into the player, which deals 35 damage. The player has to move to avoid this attack.
  • The aircraft can also drop minions. They are listed on the next table:
Name HP Damage Walking speed Attack speed Attack type
Nightmare Suicide Mouse minion 5 3 6 1 Melee
Nightmare PN Mickey minion 7 2 5 2 Melee
Nightmare Disembodied minion 8 6 3 6 Ranged

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