The Visitor
The Visitor
Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Color(s): Black, Orange, Yellow, Green, Tan, Brown
Starting location: CAM 4
First appearance: Night 4 (Unofficial)

The Visitor is an unofficial antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island.

Appearance Edit

The Visitor is a suit that appears to be spliced together with The Face and Acephalous. The parts appear to be stitched together. Its head and arms are taken from The Face, whilst its hat, ears, and torso are taken from Acephalous. The legs are noticeably missing.

Locations Edit

The Visitor starts in the Storage Room behind one of the boxes. After coming out from behind the box, he will move to the Meat Freezer and Staff Area before entering the Office.

Behavior Edit

The Visitor isn't too aggressive, but can be a threat on Night 5 due to his tendency to mimic the sounds made by other suits. If he gets into the office, you must shut off a camera to prevent him from killing you.

Custom Night Exclusive Quotes Edit

When active on the Custom Night, he will say the following quotes:

  • Don't worry. You'll never have to wake again.
  • Inside the dream, we find paradise. An unparalleled existence.
  • It's okay. I'll find a purpose for you. Eventually.
  • Close your eyes. Accept it.
  • You're looking for them. Right? I saved them. Put them to sleep. They are safe.
  • Dream! Let it swallow you!
  • I feel bad for you. You're not able to sleep like the others.
  • Everything you've ever wanted! It's all you could ask!
  • Sleep 'till death. It's perfect! Can't you see?
  • Why do you reject my offer?


  • Its jumpscare sound is a fusion of the jumpscare sounds made by The Face and Acephalous.
  • It only speaks on the Custom Night when none of the other suits are active.
  • All of its quotes are unused quotes that are spoken by Terry Akers from SOMA.

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