The Wastelanders are a group of Antagonists in FNATI. They all are sprits of children that died in Treasure island.

Wastelander names and appearances Edit

Aybss Edit

Aybss is the leader of The Wastelanders, and is the wisest of them all. He takes the appearance of a Mickey Mouse suit, only having wide eye sockets, and having red eyes that glow in the dark, his pants also lack a button, and his shoes are golden brown.

Mors Edit

Mors is The wild one in the Wastelanders, and mostly roars instead of speaking. He takes the form of a Goofy costume, only that it has a head, and poorly stitched and patched clothes. they also have a few bloodstains on them, and he has a yellow robot eye that seemingly is still functional.

Zonde Edit

Zonde is the one who can see, but not hear. He takes the form of an entire Donald costume, having one eye that was old and rotted away, Missing an arm, and is more darker than a regular costume.

Behaviour Edit

The Wastelanders start at The Lounge, then start moving to other places. Zonde goes around the place, looking for the player, but cannot hear the player. Once one Wastelander is in the office, you must hide under the desk, but if you are too late, They will kill you. Rarely, sometimes Aybss will be shown in a picture, where His red eyes are glowing, staring at you while he twitches. This can obscure the players view for a temporary time.

Trivia Edit

  • Aybss' name means a dark endless void.
  • Mors' name means "Death" in Latin.
  • Zonde's name means "Sin" in Dutch.
  • The three all died in separate ways. Abyss fell off a boat, Mors was beaten to death by a group of bad boys, and Zonde tried to blow up an attraction, but ended up killing himself in the process.

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