That orange one looks like it's eyeing me every time I pass it by. I'm really starting to regret taking up this job...
— Unknown Employee
Species: Monster
Gender: Unknown
Color(s): Orange, blue, white, black
Starting location: CAM 4
First appearance: Night 5

Tigrex is one of the ten five suits made by Disney when they tried to add a promotional attraction to Treasure Island during its construction. The idea was later scrapped, landing the suits in storage until a period of time after Treasure Island closed.

Appearance Edit

Tigrex is similar to how it appears in the original Monster Hunter games, but it has white eyes, and worm-like creatures are bursting out of it from all over its body. Around these worms are blue, loose scales. Interestingly, there are no worms in the webbing on its wings, but the wing membrane has blue veins.

Locations Edit

It can be seen in the Meat Freezer, Roof, and Lounge before heading to the office.

Behavior Edit

If it gets into the office, you MUST stay still until it leaves. However, this leaves you vulnerable to the other suits.

If it kills you, instead of its jumpscare playing, the jumpscare of a random suit will play instead. The jumpscare freezes a frame before the static plays. Then its face will appear somewhere on the screen, say a few things, and then vanish. If you wait for an hour, the game will close itself.

Quotes Edit

"I hate you."

"I hate you for thinking that life has an end that corresponds to your aspirations and wishes."

"I hate you for thinking you're unique."

"I hate you for thinking you understand your purpose in the world."

"I hate you for reminding me of what I used to be."

Post-Death Quotes Edit

"We all died. We were all sent here. We all surrendered the dreams we had made in life. And we all did what was required of us instead."

"You will wait here until you no longer remember who you are. Until you are no longer sane enough to distinguish the years from seconds, and the seconds from eternity. And then they will remove you. And then you will be me."

Trivia Edit

  • Jumpscares that play have slightly higher-pitched screams.