Please... Keep her safe for me, and stay determined!
— Unknown Male Voice
Species: Anthropomorphic Goat
Gender: Female
Color(s): Violet, white
Starting location: Pirate Caverns
First appearance: Night 6 (Unofficial)

Toriel is a secret character that can only be found if you complete the game 100%. That means getting all the endings and finding all the Easter Eggs the game has to offer. There is a 50% chance of unlocking her instead of Asgore.

Appearance Edit

Toriel is a humanoid goat-esque creature with droopy ears and short horns. She has a pair of visible fangs and long eyelashes. Her irises have a dark red tint. She wears a long violet robe that displays the Delta Rune on her chest. She also has a large gash on her chest.

Shade Edit

Her shade looks similar to original Toriel, but the gash on its chest is gone and its face is missing. In its place is a hole containing a mass of veins and arteries that are constantly writhing as if in pain. Dark lines are visible across its head and horns. The wings of the Delta Rune on its chest are missing. A large aura of what appears to be static surrounds it. The static gets darker the closer it is to the shade. It also has extremely long nails.

Location Edit

In Pirate Caverns, you can only see her shadow. On Discovery Island, she is seen on all cameras except for the roof, the Bathroom and the Broadcasting Room. Her shade can sometimes be seen in the Broadcasting Room.

Quotes Edit

"You naïve child."

"Pathetic, is it not?"

"Do not try to stop me."

"You really hate me that much?"

"Prove to me you are strong enough to survive."

Trivia Edit

  • She has no jumpscare.
  • She never opens her eyes.
  • If she kills you, the game crashes.
  • After she kills you, if you go back into the game, everything has a red tint.
  • If you stare at her shade for too long, the game crashes and resets itself.
  • Her shade is based off of Zalgo.

Gallery Edit


Her shade.

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