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Tortured Po is a tortured Po from FNATL 3, and a antagonist in Five Nights At Tubbyland: Torture After Nightmare.

Appearance Edit

She is Po from Five Nights At Tubbyland 3: The End Game, except she is tortured. She still has a torso, but it always bends down, known because she is a tortured version of Po from FNATL 3. She also has no face detail, with Nightmare MickMick's red trophy in her for no reason. She almost died in 28. feb 2016.

Behaivor Edit

She starts in CAM 5 (MickMick's Torture Dungeon), sitting down at the right, while being inured by hanging chainsaws. She will get up next. Then the player needs to summon Injure Machine Cindy, not doing so in a matter of 3.67 seconds will result in her entering the office, then you still can use Injure Machine Cindy, but once. Not doing this for 7.57 seconds results in a jumpscare.

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